Glens Falls dog trainer saves German Shepard from being euthanized

August 30, 2019 10:35 PM

GLENS FALLS – A dog trainer in Glens Falls has worked quickly in the past few days with the Susquehanna SPCA in Cooperstown to save a German Shepard from being euthanized.

The German Shepard named Jabari has had a difficult past few months. His owner was diagnosed with dementia and needed to seek help. That’s when the dog went to a family member, who was allergic to dogs so they had to keep him out of the house.


“He was kind of confined to a garage and they wanted better for him so they went to the Cooperstown SPCA,” explained Jim Fitzgerald of Alpha Dog Consulting and Training.

However, it’s there that workers found Jabari to have behavioral issues. During an initial checkup, he did bite a staff member and was quarantined for 10 days.

“Due to some behaviors we saw at the shelter we weren’t confidant that we could place him in a home,” said Sara Haddhe the shelter manager and vet tech. “It was a life or death situation for Jabari.”

Haddhe said they talked about euthanizing Jabari. However she remembered Fitzgerald speaking at a conference recently, so she decided to reach out to him.

“We came up with a solution in three days,” said Fitzgerald. “Came down to the wire, but we got it done and she went out of her way and rented a truck from Cooperstown and got him here and we got him a bed.”

Fitzgerald said situations like this happen often, but unfortunately there aren’t enough businesses like his and so it can be difficult to find someone to take the dog to train.

“This is just an unfortunate situation of life,” said Fitzgerald. “Building our professional repertoire, our toolbox if you will, that’s how we can you know fix these situations or fix this situation. SPCA’s can’t fix everything going on.”

Fitzgerald said he will now work with Jabari three times a week to get him trained. He said he his confidant he can get him trained and obedient and then he will find Jabari’s forever home. He said he will be looking for someone that is a previous German Shepard owner, or perhaps a police officer that has worked with German Shepard’s. Fitzgerald said it’s important for people to know when they adopt a dog, their job doesn’t end there.

“You have to connect with your dog, you have to be able to communicate with your dog, to go to trainers. Get training and basic obedience class,” said Fitzgerald.


Emily De Vito

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