Group looks to make Argyle no longer a dry town

June 07, 2019 11:20 PM

ARGYLE – There are eight dry towns in the state of New York, which includes the Town of Argyle in Washington County. That means you can not sell alcohol there. 

Now a grassroots movement called “Repeal Prohibition” is looking to change that. They need to gain enough signatures on a petition by August to have a referendum on a ballot in November. The group declined an interview at this time with NewsChannel 13.

While Argyle is dry, there is a brewery named Argyle Brewing Company.

“I think it's kind of fun to see it come up again,” said partner of Argyle Brewing Chris Castrio about the vote to make the town wet.

Castrio has lived in Argyle for about 20 years.

“Original business plan, I was going to have the brewery in my barn in Argyle and just distribute, but that didn't seem like a lot of fun, we really wanted to have a taproom,” said Castrio.

He now has a taproom in the neighboring town of Greenwich as well as one in Cambridge. He said the vote to make the town wet has come up a few times since he’s lived in the area. He said people have worried about the unruliness it would bring and if they’d have to get their own police force.

“Then it would come down to well it's just historically really cool,” said Castrio. “And that's ok if that's the way you want to vote.”

Castrio said while business wise at this point it doesn’t matter whether the town is dry or not, personally he said he will be signing the petition and would vote yes on a referendum.

“The village would really benefit I think from having that, because the last time it came up for a vote there was a restaurant that was going to go in contingent on it going wet,” explained Castrio. “Didn't go wet, they pulled the plug, vacant building.”

Castrio added he feels the vote may be different this time around as more breweries than ever pop up in New York.

“Farm distillery, farm breweries are fairly recent phenomenons,” said Castrio. “People have been educated in you know good beer and craft beer you know there's a lot of good beer.”

NewsChannel 13 did reach out to the Argyle Town Supervisor, but did not hear back. He told our media partners at the Post Star the town is divided on the issue. 


Emily De Vito

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