Hateful message found on UAlbany campus

Karen Tararache
Created: November 19, 2019 11:42 PM

ALBANY - "I saw it in my heart just sunk this is the place that I've been calling my home since late August and it was so strange to kind of see visceral hatred spelled out on one of the most major parts of campus," Eitan Goldmeer said.

Early this morning a message was spotted scrawled out in footsteps on the UAlbany fountain.  

"Anti- Semitism and anti-Israel rhetoric have been around for a very long time but here on campus we usually are able to avoid it, it doesn't come and strike us, it doesn't knock on our front door and today it did and that's really frustrating and it's really disheartening," Goldmeer said.  

Sophomore Eitan Goldmeer lives in an all Jewish suite and told us both he and his friends were appalled when they saw a photo shared on social media of the hateful sentiment toward Israel. 

A spokesperson for the school tweeted, "ugly language like this is in direct opposition to our core value of inclusion and toxic to the constructive dialogues we seek to foster on our campus. facilities removed this as soon as it was notified."

A series of racist events has many feeling on edge at Syracuse University. Monday night, a white supremacist manifesto was shared with several cell phones of students studying at the school's library. the FBI is investigating. 

As for Eitan, he feels everyone has the right to believe what they want but says he draws the line when his rights are infringed upon.

"No country is perfect so I think that if I could sit down with these people we could come to some form of consensus on a more respectful level on what was happening and even if we didn't agree it wouldn't require pushing out into a scare tactic or into something so public that makes students like me and my friends so uncomfortable."  

It's not yet clear if the person or people who wrote the message were caught on camera or what if any repercussions they might face.

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