Schenectady mom gets 15 years for killing infant son

June 18, 2019 06:30 PM

SCHENECTADY - For killing her infant son last summer, Heaven Puleski of Schenectady will spend the next fifteen years locked up behind bars.

Even though Tuesday brought finality to the legal case involving Heaven Puleski, the same can't be said for the Puleski's victim, her 3-month old son, Rayen.

We now know that Heaven Puleski will be locked up behind bars until she's 53 years old, well beyond child bearing age, which was one of the main goals of prosecutor Christina Tremante-Pelham.

"The baby being killed is bad enough," Tremante-Pelham stated, "But the way his body was treated after, never having a proper burial at this point, his remains left in the summer heat to melt away."

The final of three children born to Puleski, Rayen, died last summer when he was three months old. the district attorney believes Rayen was violently shaken to death by his drg-addicted mother, stuffed into a plastic bag, and then dumped into the backyard trash.

Rayen's skeletal remains have been held by authorities as evidence in Heaven's manslaughter case ever since.

"I was here for the baby, not for her," said Lisa Dutcher, Heaven's aunt, who attended Tuesday's sentencing.

Dutcher thinks 15 years isn't enough and she wsa praying for her niece to get 25. Mindful however there's nothing she can do about that, dutcher is turning her attention to the little boy who died tragically, and neve rhad a chance in life.

"They are going to help me find out who's getting him so I can be at pece, knowing that he's goign to be laid to rest and hopefully get a proper burial," Dutcher said.

Dutcher now says she intends to make funeral arrangements for little Rayen so that he can take his rightful place in the heaven he deserves.


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