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Jury convicts Glens Falls man after dog shooting, attempted burglary trial

Mark Mulholland
Updated: January 14, 2020 07:49 PM
Created: January 14, 2020 11:55 AM

QUEENSBURY - Joshua Marcantonio shook his head as he was led out of court in handcuffs late Tuesday morning.

Just minutes earlier, a jury found him guilty of all eight counts related to an incident at a Glens Falls home on May 9.

Prosecutors told the jury that Marcantonio was drinking wine and reminiscing with Shannon Gilligan at Gilligan's Charlotte Street apartment when Marcantonio's behavior became increasingly erratic.

They say Marcantonio punched a sleeping Gilligan in the face so Gilligan threw him out.

Marcantonio came back with a loaded shotgun and blasted Gilligan's front door, just missing Gilligan, but hitting and killing Sir Edwin, the family Dalmatian.

The verdict came after Marcantonio testified Monday that he was the victim and was defending himself from Gilligan, and it was Gilligan who fired the shot, saying, "I just lunged at him and I heard the gun go off and then a yelp."

However, Warren County District Attorney Jason Carusone said the jury saw through Marcantonio's claims. "We're satisfied with the verdict, clearly. We're pleased that the victims in this case were able to be heard and believed."

Marcantonio's attorney said during opening arguments last week that it was Gilligan who was the aggressor.
"Josh Marcantonio didn't shoot this gun because it doesn't make any sense."

However, after the verdict came in, Attorney Jeff Matte wasn't commenting.

The D.A. was pleased with the outcome, but isn't sure what sentence the people will ask for.

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