Glens Falls man accused in dog killing tells jury he was victim

Mark Mulholland
Updated: January 13, 2020 07:52 PM
Created: January 13, 2020 06:24 PM

QUEENSBURY -  Joshua Marcantonio went to and from court Monday not knowing what his future holds.

The 31-year-old Glens Falls man was tried over the past week on 8 counts, including criminal weapon possession, attempted burglary and animal cruelty.


He's accused of firing a shotgun through the front door of Shannon Gilligan's 5 Charlotte Street apartment and killing a purebred Dalmatian by the name of Sir Edwin.

Prosecutors say in the hours leading up to that event, Marcantonio had been hanging out there with Gilligan, whose son, Joey, was old friends with Marcantonio.

During opening statements last week, the assistant district attorney told jurors that Marcantonio attacked Gilligan as he lie sleeping and when Gilligan threw him out, Marcantonio got the gun from his car and fired a blast through the door.

But Marcantonio told it much differently on the witness stand Monday afternoon, saying Gilligan attacked him.

"He came out on the porch with one of my knives and cut me with it."

Marcantonio continued, "He came back out with the shotgun...shuts the door behind him and he had it over his shoulder."

Marcantonio told jurors he didn't fire the gun.

"I just lunged at him and I heard the gun go off and then a yelp."

Marcantonio's attorney, Jeff Matte, asked, "Did you charge that house and blast a shotgun. Did you do that?"
Marcantonio replied, "No."

But Marcantonio never told responding police he was a victim, explaining that he was looking out for the Gilligans.

"I've known Joey since we were kids. I wasn't about to get their father in trouble."

Jurors will be deliberating Tuesday.

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