Landslide causing headaches in Delmar neighborhood |

Landslide causing headaches in Delmar neighborhood

WNYT Staff
Updated: May 14, 2021 05:54 AM
Created: May 13, 2021 01:14 PM

A landslide in Delmar is causing some headaches for residents on Groesbeck Place.

Two homes have lost a good portion of their backyards after the trees and earth came crashing down sometime in the overnight hours on Wednesday.

Emergency crews have been on site most of Wednesday and Thursday.

The power poles run behind the homes and a crew told NewsChannel 13 they are considered to be in imminent danger, so they're rerouting the lines.

This is private property. Town officials say they can advise the property owners on what to do, but really they aren't involved in assessing the damage or stability of the earth.

A private engineering firm has been on site surveying the area trying to determine how the landscape has changed, and if it will continue to give way.

An engineer told a NewsChannel 13 producer this area is known to have slippery clay, and there have been other slides in recent history.

The Commissioner of Public Works says knowing the issues, they have made changes to their building codes. However, in this case, these homes have been here for decades and there's no way of preventing this from happening.

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