Deal to legalize recreational marijuana in NY could be imminent |

Deal to legalize recreational marijuana in NY could be imminent

Emily Burkhard
Created: March 30, 2021 07:12 PM

A deal to legalize recreational marijuana use for adults here in New York could come as early as Tuesday night.

NewsChannel 13 heard from Assembly member Pat Fahy earlier Tuesday. She says they had Codes and Rules Committee Meetings on Tuesday discussing marijuana.

Legalizing recreational use for adults is something that's been on New York's agenda for several years, but it has always been taken out of budget negotiations.

If passed, it would allow recreational use of the drug for adults 21 and older. They could possess up to three ounces and grow up to three mature plants in their home.

NewsChannel 13 heard from a number of local leaders on Monday, including law enforcement, representatives from the Parent Teacher Association, as well as contractors and builders who all oppose passing this law.

Their primary concern is people driving under the influence without an established test or threshold to determine whether or not someone should be charged for driving under the influence as they can be with alcohol.

Others say the state's liability laws make it so that construction workers could injure themselves or their coworkers while high on the job and the property owners would be on the hook.

Hear some of their concerns by watching the video of Emily Burkhard's story.

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