Lt. gov. praises troopers for combating sexual assault on college campuses

Dan Levy
Created: October 23, 2019 02:00 PM

ALBANY - State troopers continue their pursuit of sex offenders on college campuses, and on Wednesday they had a special pep talk.

State Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul addressed the 4th annual Campus Sexual Assault Seminar on Wednesday at the State Police Academy in Albany, hailing the success of the state's "Enough Is Enough" initiative, but also suggesting it might not be enough.


For far too long, according to Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul, sexual assaults had been occurring on college campuses as part of a sinister under-current. People didn't talk about it, victims were afraid to come forward, and the colleges themselves were too protective of their reputations, unwilling to acknowledge the frequency or magnitude of the crime.

"You want to have a reputation as being open about this because once you shine a light of day on it, you can start disinfecting it, you can ostracize the people and the behavior and start changing your culture," explained Hochul.

That’s what she began doing shortly after being sworn in back in January 2015, tackling the issue of sexual assault on college campuses.

After the state passed "Enough Is Enough" into law, 1,000 state troopers were trained to investigate sex crimes. It has resulted in 70 arrests and 348 investigations. It also includes providing help to the many victims of those crimes.

"There were survivors whose needs were not being met. They were not being taken to the proper places and shown the delicacy required in this situation if they've been sexually assaulted," noted Hochul.

She addressed many of the state troopers who have been deployed to the front line of campus sexual assault, thanking them for the difference they've made and encouraging them to keep doing what they're doing.

If we can change people’s minds about how they approach this, campuses will finally get back to doing what they're supposed to do and that is just creating the next generation of enlightened, engaged adults - educating young people.

Hochul says the journey they've begun doesn't end until every young person feels safe and secure on every college campus.

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