McLaughlin to Madden: veto sanctuary city

July 12, 2019 09:39 AM

TROY – Nothing is cut and dry in the city of Troy. While mired in the latest pool problems, there is also the question of making the Collar City a sanctuary city. After a contentious debate, the Troy City Council voted 4-3 to make Troy a sanctuary city under the “Families and Communities Together” or “FACT” Act.

In a two-page letter obtained by NewsChannel-13, Rensselaer County Executive Steve McLaughlin is demanding that Troy Mayor Patrick Madden veto the resolution. If Madden does nothing, it becomes law in 10 days, according to the city charter.


McLaughlin references the “cynically renamed F.A.C.T. Act” writing “…I am vehemently against this resolution…".

McLaughlin wrote that he was encouraged that Madden would not sign the measure “but I am concerned that you did not indicate to me that you would veto such legislation. Clarity is required in this matter…”.

According to the city charter, the mayor does not have to act at all on the resolution and it would become law.

McLaughlin warned that the FACT Act "…would endanger the City from receiving grant monies and resources from the federal government…Inaction on your part would be the same result as if you had signed it."

There was a packed council chamber Thursday night with heated debate on both sides. At one point, Council President Carmella Mantello tried to table the measure citing a Roberts’ Rules of Order Procedural matter. When that was rejected, it went to a council vote. Council members David Bissember, Anasha Cummings, Debra Garrett and Coleen Murtagh Paratore voted “yes” while Mantello, Jim Gulli and Tim Kennedy voted “no.”

Back in November, Bissember put forth the resolution to designate Troy as a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants. It would require city police and other public services not to inquire the immigration status of people. Mayor Madden has previously said he had issues with calling Troy a sanctuary city.


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