Meatball Family Recipe

September 21, 2019 10:14 AM

2 pounds chopped meat - Blend 1 lb. sirloin and 1 lb. chuck for fat to lean ratio, or use 2 lbs. ground round, which is kind of in the middle. Some people like to mix ground beef with ground pork, also

2 small cloves of garlic, grated 


Sprig of parsley, chopped fine 

Salt, one teaspoon - Put in your hand first, never directly into the mix, or you can over-salt

3 or 4 eggs, (depending on size)

One cup of grated Romano cheese

One cup of plain breadcrumbs - the ratio of breadcrumbs and cheese should always be even

Canola oil to fry them in

(If you are serving these with pasta, Get your sauce going on a low flame while you mix the meatballs.)

Now, it’s time to mix. Wash your hands first, rinse but don’t dry. The meat will roll better if your hands are wet. Lift the mixture from the bottom often so you get it all blended. Add the eggs one at a time, just break them into the mix, don’t beat them first. 

Secret ingredient is cold water, makes the meatballs nice and moist. Add the cold water sparingly, a little at a time in order to get the mixture soft, make sure you don’t overdo this or else it will be too mushy. Another secret is to over-mix so all the ingredients are very evenly distributed. 

After thoroughly mixed, you are ready to roll the mixture into meatballs.

Don’t roll a baseball and don’t roll a marble- the size should be like a golf ball. This is good if you have a lot of people, it makes a better presentation -they can have several as opposed to one big one. It also tastes better because the sauce will infiltrate the whole meatball. 

When frying, generously coat the bottom of the pan with the oil, let the oil get hot first, then drop them in but watch out for splashing hot oil, you don’t want to get burned. Trick is to get them nice and brown and then turn them over, just once on a side so they don’t get stuck to the frying pan. Use either a spatula or wooden spoon. The crispy outside is what makes them taste extra special. Ideally, they should be crispy outside and soft on the inside. 

Once they are nice and golden, place them in the sauce if you are making them that way, or on a plate lined with paper towels to absorb the excess oil if you are not using sauce. Meatballs in sauce go great with plain spaghetti, penne, ravioli, stuffed shells or manicotti. Traditional Italian style is to serve this course after a great antipasto. Meatballs always make Sunday dinners special.

Some people like them plain fried as a side dish or you can make a hero sandwich. For a great meatball hero, get a loaf of crispy Italian bread, scoop out the middle, cut the meatballs in half and generously place on the bread. Eat plain, line with sauce and eat like that or add mozzarella (put in toaster oven to melt the cheese). 


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