Motorcyclists chase, vandalize car in Albany

May 29, 2019 06:48 PM

ALBANY - Imagine being chased in the dark by strangers on motorcycles. That happened to an Albany woman and her daughter this week.

Around 11 p.m. Sunday night, Jackie France and her daughter Naomi were stopped at Slingerland Street and Second Avenue when two men on motorcycles came up behind them and revved their engines.


France said she honked at them when they tried to pass her. That's when one man stopped in front of the car, blocking the road and silently glaring at the women for about 30 seconds. France heard the other bike coming back down Second Avenue, so she backed up and drove around the biker, fearing they would block her in otherwise.

"At that point I was just trying to get out," France said. "Just get away from them and then eventually I thought they would just end up passing me and go. They didn't."

Then the biker who was blocking her car punched the hood. France took off, blowing through stop signs and red lights because she was afraid. Eventually she had to stop when she got to the light at Delaware and Second because three other cars were already stopped there and there were pedestrians in the crosswalk.

"When I stopped the one [biker] that punched my car and that had us blocked and came around my side drove right here punched my mirror, shattered it," France said.

The biker made one more loop back down Second, stopping in front of France's mirror and to punch it, knocking off the back cover. That's when police arrived and the bikers took off.

France said if police hadn't arrived then, she believes they probably would have continued to attack her car.

"If the cops didn't show up, they were still coming back to do more I just don't know what," France said.

France said replacing the mirror will cost a few hundred dollars, but her daughter Naomi said they've lost something much more valuable: their sense of security.

"Anytime that I heard a loud motorcycle noise I instantly look around," she said. "I instantly look around because it is terrifying."

France said she's been avoiding Second Ave. since the incident.

APD spokesman Steve Smith said unfortunately dirt bikes and ATVs have been a problem. He said it's something they're working on.

"There's a lot of people that suggest that we chase these bikes and that would put a lot of people at risk - including the person on the bike and members of this community," Smith said. "So we do have certain initiatives in place, we have a strategy in place to try to do the best we can to seize the bikes and issue any tickets to persons who are on them when they're stopped."

Albany police said if the men involved are found, they'll face criminal mischief charges.

NewsChannel 13 reached out to the mayor's office for comment, but didn't get a response.


Emily Burkhard

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