Man wants new lawyer in Albany murder case

October 03, 2019 03:43 PM

ALBANY – One of the men arrested for one of the 15 homicides in Albany in 2018 was found guilty by a jury back in August but minutes before sentencing on Thursday, he threw the court a curveball and asked for a new lawyer.

Neshad Grady, 24, an ex-con, was picked up in November 2018 for illegal possession of a handgun. He was then linked to the murder of Khalil Barnes, 31, who was killed at 12:30 a.m. July 14, 2018.


Standing next to his hired attorney, Lee Kindlon, Grady told Judge Roger McDonough he filed paperwork for a new attorney. He even asked for a court-appointed attorney because "…things I wanted done in my case that was not done," Grady, whose street nickname is "Moo-Moo," said.

McDonough countered that he can't do it just because he doesn't like the outcome of his case and it's against the law: "New York state does not recognize what's called bifurcated representation which means you have an attorney plus you file a motion pro se on your own behalf."

After a back and forth and finding out that Grady had not tried to hire anyone yet, six weeks since the verdict, McDonough gave him two weeks to retain new counsel.

"From the court's perspective, he advocated on your behalf zealously during the course of the trial," McDonough said. "The bottom line is the jury did not buy your defense, rather the jury accepted the prosecution theory of the case and based upon the testimony and evidence at trial found you guilty."


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