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Dan Levy
Updated: November 18, 2019 07:10 PM
Created: November 18, 2019 06:50 PM

ALBANY - Up until now, New York's 21st Congressional District that spans across twelve counties in the Adrinodacks has been relatively obscure. But with Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R - Schuylerville) front and center at the impeachment hearings in Washington D.C., NY 21 is no longer hidden from view.

"All of those things combined to make this relatively unknown district in upstate New York sort of the epicenter of political fundraising, says Professor Jack Collens, A Political Science professor at Siena College. 


In the 24-hour period after the hearings began, Stefanik's opponent Tedra Cobb (D - Canton), raised more than $400,000, coming from 16,500 supporters in all 50 states. And apparently that was just the beginning.

"It spread like wildfire across social media," Professor Collens points out, "We saw that Tedra Cobb posted a call for fund raising and she posted that she was closing in on $1 million and she had surpassed $1 million."

Money is also flowing into Stefanik's campaign. A statement reads: She's proud that the American public has seen her emerge as the staunchest defender of truth, transparency, and the United States Constitution. It has become clear that our district has been catapulted into the national spotlight because of the exceptional work of Elise during the impeachment hearings. The Far-Left has targeted our Congresswoman with vile attacks."

Tedra Cobb's campaign issued a follow up statement that reads in part: Stefanik's partisan political theatre is beneath the dignity of her office. Stefanik should take her oath to the Constitution seriously and find all the facts in this grave matter of national security."

It is rhetoric from both campaigns that most political pundits view as negative, although it's impact on the election is unknown at this time.

"If it disolves into mudslinging, things can get really negative very quickly," Collens says, "the public can get turned off very quickly and be less likely to show up and vote, sort of a pox on both your houses."

Professor Collens says it's not clear whether Donald Trump's support for Elise Stefanik is an asset or liability, pointing out the President recently stumped for Republican gubernatorial candidates in Louisiana and Kentucky, neither of whom won.

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