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Looking Ahead & Answering Questions: Potential For Snow This Week?

Allison Finch
Updated: December 14, 2020 02:26 PM
Created: December 14, 2020 02:18 PM

“What is a Nor’easter?”

A nor’easter is a storm along the East Coast of North America, with the winds over the coastal area typically coming from the northeast. The National Weather Service says, “The difference between the warm air over the water and cold Arctic air over the land is the fuel that feeds Nor’easters.” The video below shows the development of a low-pressure system as it advances towards the East Coast.

“What are some important factors the weather team at WNYT Channel 13 looks at when forecasting a potential snowstorm?”

First, we all look at the model runs. A week out from a potential snowstorm many of the model runs aren’t in agreement of what is going to happen. (The reason for the huge differences in model forecasts are explained in this blog post.)

Therefore, as we get closer to the timing of an event, these models start to come together and we can get a better understanding of what the timing of an event and the type of precipitation that the event is going to yield.

Chief Meteorologist, Bob Kovachick, says that he always makes sure to look for “consistency from model run to model run” when approaching an event. He is always looking out to see if the model run from yesterday is similar to the model run from today. The more consistency within these models allows a higher confidence within the forecast.

“What can we expect this week?”

A large area of high pressure will set itself up over the region Tuesday, which will usher in cold weather, but mostly sunny conditions. The weather will be colder than average and quite breezy during the day. The cold weather sticks around as the high-pressure system moves to the north throughout the day on Wednesday.

A low-pressure system will track closer towards the Northeast on Wednesday afternoon and will bring the potential for some precipitation Wednesday night into Thursday. Since the cold air will already be in place, this will make the precipitation type throughout this event snow.

More information including exact timing and snow amounts will be updated as we get more information and closer to the event. Be sure to download the First Warning Weather App to stay in the know about any impending weather that might affect your area over the coming days.  

Looking Ahead & Answering Questions: Potential For Snow This Week? | Looking Ahead & Answering Questions: Potential For Snow This Week? |

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