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Rape question on homework angers Texas parents

NBC News
Created: January 14, 2020 04:34 PM

(KPRC / NBC News)  Parents in Spring, Texas are asking how a question about rape ended up on a biology homework assignment for ninth graders at Klein Collins High School.

The question was part of a biology DNA assignment and reads:

“Suzy was assaulted in an alley and is a victim of rape. The police collected a sample of sperm that was left at the crime scene and now have three suspects in custody. Which of the suspects rape Suzy?”

“It’s upsetting and I know girls this age, just the thought...they know that rape is forced non-consensual sex and that upsets them,” said Cookie VonHaven, who has a daughter in 10th grade. “That’s why I can’t fathom a teacher putting that on a test.”

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