Rare rabbit stolen from Schenectady farm twice in 13 months

August 07, 2019 05:23 PM

SCHENECTADY - A Schenectady farm is looking for one of their rare rabbits. Officials at Vale Urban Farm said on Saturday night it was stolen for the second time in a little over a year.

Banana is one of three Blue American rabbits kept at the farm which is located within Vale Cemetery.


Banana and another rabbit named Apple were stolen last July. The couple who had purchased them from someone on the street to keep as pets recognized the missing rabbits on the news and returned them to the farm.

Banana was taken again this past weekend and whoever took her also tried to take Apple, but he probably bit or kicked the thief to fight them off.

Officials at the farm said they don't want to press charges, they just want Banana back.

Melissa McKinnon is the garden educator at the farm. She said there was some suspicious activity going on this past week.

"We did hear that last Wednesday there were two young boys, young teenage boys who were trying to break into the farm saying that they wanted to steal a chicken to feed to their dog," McKinnon said.

McKinnon said a couple who happened to be nearby at the time chased the boys off, but they later returned with their mother and a dog.

"The mom told the couple to mind their own business and they chased the couple off with sticks," McKinnon said. "So I learned about that Thursday morning when I came into work. I did find there was a chair by the fence there was footprints dog footprints human footprints outside. At that time, the animals were safe. I checked on the animals."

However, on Saturday night someone did get to the animals.

"Two of these cages had been ripped open one rabbit was still in the cage we thought probably he was just harder to take," McKinnon said. "The one they took of course that was the sweetest rabbit. The one that we would always go to first to take when we were going out to events. She had just been at a family fun day event that was held a week ago."

Security cameras and padlocks were added after the initial theft last summer. However, McKinnon said now they're going to have to look into additional measures to prevent this from happening again. She also said Schenectady Police agreed to increase patrols in the area for the time being.

If you know anything about Banana's whereabouts you can contact the farm via Facebook or by calling (518) 387-9373.


Emily Burkhard

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