Limo company shares tips on what to ask about to help ensure safety

May 10, 2019 07:54 PM

WATERVLIET - Prom and wedding seasons are in full swing. That means many people will be stepping into limos to get to their destinations.

One local company, Today's Limousine, is sharing safety tips in the wake of the tragic Schoharie crash that killed 20 people last year.


Michael Rosenthal is the co-owner of Today's Limo. He has been in the limo business for almost 30 years. He said the first thing you should ask about when calling to book is the company's insurance policy.

Rosenthal said you'll want to make sure they have the $5,000,000 policy minimum as required by New York state. He said if you're researching companies and some seem to undercut competition by hundreds of dollars, that's a good indication that they're not insuring their vehicles properly.

Under New York state law, vehicles carrying six or more passengers must be registered and plated as livery or bus vehicles. Rosenthal said those vehicles have to go through a much more rigorous inspection process to ensure everything is working properly.

Rosenthal said there are a few things you should also look at when the vehicle arrives.

The registration should say "for hire" on it and it should also list the number of passengers it can seat.

If it passed inspection within the last six months, it will have a diamond shaped New York State Department of Transportation sticker on the windshield. The license plate should also say "livery" or "bus." If all of those things don't check out, Rosenthal said you should find another ride.

In addition to the proper paperwork, Rosenthal said Today's Limo only works with manufacturers who are approved by New York state and he makes sure every step of construction is done properly.

"When we build them, we want to know every step of the process, so I bug the builder I say, 'Hey, can I get the pictures,'" Rosenthal said. "So even to go through that with you, I could produce pictures of all of our limos being built and the interiors, the rails, the frame rails going in. So we get the process all the way through."

Rosenthal said all of their drivers are trained to be able to handle the vehicles and routes offered. They also have technology to monitor drivers' performance.

"We do have GPS tracking in all of our vehicles which is something we did about 2 1/2 years ago," Rosenthal said. "Sometimes, there's a complaint that it might feel a little different in the back, but it's GPS tracked it tells harsh breaking, harsh steering it tells all of those, idling too long. So we have all those triggers that are on for our management and it stays in a solid report. So I can go back six months from now and pull up that trip."

Rosenthal said he's always encouraging potential customers to make a trip to see the company's vehicles and paperwork.

"Safety is paramount. You know, our reputation, our customers' experience is paramount and we want our customers to have a great time," Rosenthal said.


Emily Burkhard

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