Schenectady County Legislature shows continued support for St. Clare's retirees

Karen Tararache
Updated: November 13, 2019 09:47 AM
Created: November 12, 2019 11:39 PM

SCHENECTADY - A lot has happened in this year, the pensioners have met with Bishop Scharfenberger and lawmakers, and more recently sued the Albany County Diocese. But what has not happened, is a solution to the shortfall.

Just as they did one year ago, the Schenectady County Legislature approved a resolution to continue supporting the former employees of St. Clare's hospital.

"We were promised something and that promise was broken to us."

"Unfortunately, I'm one of those who will not get a dollar."

In the crowd a lot of the same faces we first met at this same meeting 365 days ago. Among them, Mary Hartshorne.

"We're the committee that's fighting for our pension that was yanked from us when we had 7 years left till it ended to 3 weeks," Hartshorne said.

Members of the more than 1100 retirees still dealing with the effects of St. Clare's Corp. announcing the sudden end or reduction to monthly pension checks, last October.

"Governor Cuomo, we're pleading with you, please find time to sit down with us and talk. It would mean the world to 1,140-something people," Hartshorne said.

One face missing from this crowd but not their hearts, is Lori Daviero.

She started the committee to save the pensions and died of pancreatic cancer just four months ago. Her husband Ernie, described that even though she was weak from treatment, she managed to save his life this past April.

"She turned the light on, I was in cardiac arrest," Daviero said.

The committee members appreciate the support of lawmakers and the legislature and won't give up the fight for what they say is owed to them.

"We're open to anything as far as suggestions to help us anyone that they can think of."

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