Scotia teen saves drowning man

April 24, 2019 11:35 PM

SCOTIA - A 14-year-old boy saved a man from drowning in Scotia on Tuesday afternoon. Police are now calling him a hero.

He spoke with NewsChannel 13 about the ordeal Wednesday evening.


Meka Boncie-Machin said he initially went to Collins Lake to fish with some friends. When they realized they didn't have enough poles they decided to walk around the park. That's when he ran into a 36-year-old man whose life he would later help save.

"As we're walking back we saw the guy walk up to us and ask us if we wanted to go into the lake,” Boncie-Machin said. "We said no because he said it in a certain way that made it seem weird."

A few minutes later the man took his shoes off, got into the water and swam away from shore.

Boncie-Machin said at first he though the man was pulling a prank, then the thought he might've wanted to go for a swim.

"Like a minute or two has passed and he starts swimming back then he bobbed up and down a little bit we thought he was just enjoying his time,” Boncie-Machin said.

That's when a woman on shore, later identified as the man's mother, started calling for help.

“Then she told us that either she or we were going to get in the water,” Boncie-Machin said. “I was going to but I wasn't sure whether or not I should leave my friends alone with someone that I don't know to get into the water with someone I also don't know that seems strange. So then I told them to wait it out a little bit."

The woman didn't wait. She got into the water and swam out to her son. Boncie-Machin said she began calling out for help again.

He and his friends called 911. Once an officer arrived he and a friend swam out to help. His friend helped the woman out fairly quickly. Her son was not as easy to rescue.

“He was unconscious, blue skin, purple lips and as my friend Emily got over, she helped halfway, and he started foaming at the mouth so we started rushing faster to help him,” Bonce-Machin said.

First responders revived the man, who is now in a coma at Ellis Hospital. Police believe he may have been on drugs at the time. They are not releasing his name.

Boncie-Machin was relieved to learn the man is alive. Though he played a big role in saving the man's life, he wishes he had done things differently.

"I wish I went out in the water sooner and realized it was more of a dire situation,” Boncie-Machin said. “So that way he might have had- if I helped him sooner he might have not been in a coma."

Boncie-Machin said when he gets older he wants to join the military so he can help people.

NewsChannel 13 reached out to the Scotia Police Department to get an update on the man’s condition, no new information was available.


Emily Burkhard

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