Gillibrand, Schumer weigh in on impeachment, Syria

October 08, 2019 10:08 PM

ALBANY - When a U.S. ambassador has information about a possible international scandal and the White House orders him to keep quiet about it, that's unacceptable to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D - NY).

"I think the House may well need to subpoena the ambassador and make sure he responds to that subpoena," Gillibrand stated. "We have legal ramifications if someone from the administration won't actually testify in response to a subpoena. So I think we can take those legal actions."

Gillibrand thinks the American people "deserve the facts," not to mention "transparency and accountability" for what happened between President Trump and the Ukrainian president.

Regarding Syria, NewsChannel 13 asked Gillibrand if she thinks the president is throwing the Kurds under the bus.

"I do," Gillibrand quickly responded. "I think President Trump has shown what diplomacy and world politics by Tweet actually accomplishes, which is enormous chaos and instability."

Not surprisingly, New York's senior Sen. Chuck Schumer sees things the same way.

"To abandon the Kurds who have been our allies for decades is so wrong," Schumer opined. "It's wrong strategically because it will greatly increase the likelihood of terrorism. No one has done more to fight ISIS outside of our country than the Kurds."

"He's not listening to national security advisors," Gillibrand added. "We know General Mattis resigned over this issue."

"It is getting broad condemnation from Democrats and Republicans and I expect Congress will take some form of action, either a resolution or something else," Schumer predicted.


Dan Levy

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