Killer tries to justify the murder of community coach

March 01, 2019 12:57 PM

ALBANY – Even as her son was being shipped off to prison for 20-years to life, Shaquille Owens' mother gave his public defender an earful out in the hall of the Albany County Courthouse.

"I didn't raise a monster," she shouted, "I'm a victim also and my family has been addressed also, ok?..."

She went on to say that "Shaquille is just as good as he was. He coached kids, he coached basketball, he did all of the same things. He did the same thing."

She was referring to Joseph "Coach Seven" Davis, 42, who was shot five times on September 29, 2018, outside Club Phoenix on Central Avenue. Davis was helping to organize a party for college kids. Owens was not invited and asked several times to leave. Instead, he used a loaded handgun he brought with him and used it because he felt "disrespected," according to a pre-sentence interview.

Davis underwent four surgeries that took over 11 hours.

"I know I made a decision, it was a bad decision but, I know they hurting and all that but my family hurting too cause I'm in here," Owens told Judge Roger McDonough. "And there's nothing they can do about it."

McDonough asked: "Why are both families hurting, sir?"

Owens: "Cause both lives is tooken…regardless if I'm alive..."

McDonough: "Because of your actions, right?"

Owens: "Yeah."

Then Owens had had enough. He said he had nothing more to say: "It's's over brother," he said to the judge and then he casually reached down for a sip of water. Both sides of the courtroom were sobbing. There were a few outbursts.

McDonough: "The window to your soul that you displayed in the comments you made to the probation officer and that you made here in court today, you are quite frankly unfit to exist in society with your fellow citizens. That is a tragedy to say that, but it's true."

Three members of Davis' family spoke during the victim impact statements:

Gail Taylor (mother): "I want you to know that you took my gift from God."

Nicole Davis (sister): "I can't forgive what you have done."

Davis was described as a dedicated, balanced coach who brought discipline to boys ages 10-12. In the final Pop Warner game that Davis coached, the Albany Falcons scored 47 points. Those connected to that program now say that meant "For-Seven."

Rameka Cherry (fiancé): "I want you to marinate, get tortured, suffer a slow, painful 60 years of life or more. I hate that my tax paying dollars pay for three hots and a cot for you to be in jail for killing my husband. May God have mercy on your sorry soul like you had none for mine."


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