Snow delays road repairs in part of Warren County

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Created: November 12, 2019 04:30 PM

Road repairs in parts of Warren County are at a standstill. A second round of November snowfall is causing problems for crews.

We've been following this story since Halloween when heavy rains caused flooding that ripped up streets and destroyed roads.


New Hague Road is still closed, but it's not stopping people from going around the barrier and continuing to the intersection with Trout Brook Road anyway. They say this was supposed to be paved Tuesday, but because of the snow they've had to delay those plans.

Warren County Superintendent Department of Public Works Kevin Hajos says they're still working on several road closures. He says they're using a contractor because most Warren County trucks have their winter gear on for weather treatment. He says it takes time to take equipment on and off to do road work. So it makes more sense to have a contractor complete the work.

A contractor will start paving on Trout Brook Road next week. The road should be opened by next weekend.

Hague resident Dine Snyder says if New Hague Road can be plowed, which was the case on Tuesday morning, then it should be open to traffic. She says it adds about 20 minutes to her commute each way.

"They let two big double log trucks go down through with no problem. And then when they left they put the barriers back, albeit there was a little room on either side," Snyder said.

Warren county officials hope to have the road paved sometime between Thursday and Friday. That way traffic can legally get through sometime this weekend.

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