Snow emergency is in effect in the City of Albany

Emily De Vito
Created: December 03, 2019 11:44 PM

ALBANY – A snow emergency went into effect in the City of Albany Tuesday night. All cars had to be moved to the even numbered side of the street. If not, people face a ticket or being towed.

Crews were lined up and ready to remove snow right at 8 p.m. on Tuesday when the snow emergency began.


“We’re taking these front loaders and we’re scooping up the snow and we’re emptying it into big trucks and being taken away to a snow dock where it’s dumped,” explained Deputy Commissioner of the Albany Department of General Services Frank Zeoli.

Many residents on snow filled streets were ready for their street to really be cleaned up. While some drove around for hours Tuesday looking for a spot on the even numbered side of the street, others had anticipated this happening.

“I decided to park on the right side of the street when I got home from Thanksgiving on Saturday and I haven’t moved since,” said resident Jessica Stout.

By 8 p.m. on Wednesday people will then have to move to the odd numbered side of the street. One resident had said it’s a little confusing though when exactly it’s okay to begin looking for your next parking spot. Zeoli said people can begin to move their cars at around seven Wednesday night.

“But until that time, they really should stay on the even side so that there’s no risk,” said Zeoli. “In some cases people think well plows already came through I can leave, you can’t, we may come back.”

While it will be another busy 48 hours for crews, Zeoli said cleanup will likely continue for about a week.

“It all depends on kind of how the snow melts,” explained Zeoli. “If we get nicer weather or we lose some of the snow or if it continues. Then you hope we don’t get any more on top of it. ."

During the snow emergency, the City of Albany has made available additional parking at various locations throughout the city.

If your vehicle does get towed, you’re asked to call the Albany Police Department at 518-438-4000 for information on how to retrieve your car.

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