Scotia man's fate after job loss is music to his ears

July 18, 2018 05:19 PM

If you've ever lost a job - you probably had someone tell you that everything happens for a reason -- which can often be hard to believe at first. However, consider the case of a Scotia man, who suddenly found himself unemployed as he and his wife were starting a family, forcing him into the best decision he otherwise wouldn't have made. You could say fate pulled a few strings for him.

Steve Kovacik spends most of his waking hours with guitars. It wasn't always that way though. He used to do inpatient psych counseling -- until he didn't.

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“I was -- by surprise, unemployed,” explained Kovacik.

He and his wife had just welcomed their second child to the world and Kovacik had begun pursuing his graduate degree. While he interviewed and waited for something to happen there, something happened in his basement.

In his spare time, Kovacik enjoyed rehabbing busted guitars. So when a local music shop had an opportunity for a repair person, it seemed like a perfect temporary fix. A stopgap -- as he called it.

“We thought I would stay home for a few years and do this to make a little money while I was at home,” he explained.

Twenty-three years later, he's still home -- repairing guitars and even building his own. He’s doing just fine financially.

“On the best years considerably better,” he noted. “My biggest market for my handcrafted guitars is Japan and I build a couple of ultra-high end guitars every year and they’re always for the Tokyo market.”

Ultra high-end meaning they’re worth about $13,000 each.

Kovacik says all his years of working from home have ruined his chances of ever returning to an office setting, but he'd have it no other way.

“I’d like to say that my success in this is the result of a brilliantly conceived and flawlessly executed plan, but that would be a lie,” he admitted.

A convincing argument that everything -- even surprise unemployment -- happens for a reason.

“I likely wouldn't have had the guts to let go of that to do this,” he pointed out.

Today, Kovacik loves his work so much, it can be hard for him to part with it.

“I've always said jeez I should probably keep one of those for my own collection and I never have yet, because you can't keep everything. Otherwise, you’ve got a hobby and not a business, but this is a really good one,” he affirmed.

One quick note: Steve Kovacik is not related to NewsChannel 13 Meteorologist Bob Kovachick. (They spell their last names differently.)

MORE INFORMATION: Steven Kovacik: Guitar repair


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