Stewart's Shops gives retiring manager $32,000 for community work

July 03, 2019 05:58 PM

SCHENECTADY -- Maybe there's something about ice cream that brings people together. 

In his 32 years at Stewart's Shops, Deryck Singh was known as the man always out at community events, getting to know people, and handing out free ice cream.


"I feel ice cream makes nice people nicer," he said.  "And any time anyone is there to get ice cream, they're always happy. I enjoy the smiles I see on people's faces when you give them ice cream. So as a company, we like to go out and get connected to the community, give ice cream out and things like that, so I thought that was a very fun part of the job."

The Stewart's Shop on Brandywine in Schenectady is where Deryck Singh began working part-time nights and weekends, and it's also the same shop where he ended his Stewart's career 32 years later as district manager. 

When Singh retired recently, for his 32 years, the company gave him $32,000 to continue doing good things in the community. 

It's the first such gift in company history. 

"Stewart's Shops really trusts Deryck," said Erica Komoroske of Stewart's Shops.  "They have a lot of trust and love and they see the good that Deryck has done and they want him to continue the good work that he has done." 
Singh has already started.  He has been offering matching gifts, in particular, to encourage others to get involved, too. 

"At least a half a dozen non-profit organizations that really help kids with some summer activities, a portion of that money is going to go to them. And a portion will also go to the Schenectady Guyanese Community Center, something I've been very passionate about," said Singh. 

Singh is originally from Guyana. He thanks Stewart's and the Dake family for their commitment to giving back to the community. 

He says he's living the American dream, and for him, success includes helping others. 

Singh will also be honored at the Immigrants Ball at Proctors in August. 


Kumi Tucker

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