Troy 100 Forum: A conversation with candidates for Mayor

October 07, 2019 11:40 PM

TROY - For 19 years the Troy 100 Forum has been a place for Trojans to share information and network. 

Tonight, at Russel Sage College they hosted a conversation in which the three mayoral candidates could speak with the public.


The candidates: Troy Mayor Patrick madden, former city council president, Rodney Wiltshire and RPI grad and Army veteran, Tom Reale. 

In a timed and moderated event, in part by our very own, Asa Stackel, the candidates each spoke about what the first thing they would do if elected to office.
"A lack of transparency, across-the-board whether it's with pools whether it's with potholes, public protection almost across the board. All the issues I just brought up in terms of basic services, sometimes it's difficult to get an answer from city hall," Reale said.

"The people in the city of Troy in many locations simply do not feel safe and they need to feel safe, they're paying to feel safe and we can't provide that level of safety with eight men and women who are patrolling the streets at any given point," Wiltshire said.

"We're rolling some debt off our books but that doesn't mean we can replace it with more debt. Being prudent about where we spend our money building the reserves that we need to whether the difficult times ahead because they are coming all economic cycles are cyclical," Madden said.

The candidates each spoke about plans to make sure all pools and parks are open and functioning. 

Madden touched upon reinvesting in aging infrastructure, Wiltshire expressed a desire for a cleaner city and eliminating the garbage tax and Reale spoke of the need for improving day to day services.

Residents will have another opportunity to meet the candidates both running for mayor and troy city council at Troy Prep Elementary on October 16th from 6:00pm to 8:30pm.

Election day is Tuesday, November 5th. 


Karen Tararache

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