South Troy residents upset over mess July 4 revelers left behind

July 05, 2019 06:21 PM

TROY - It's not that June Favata doesn't appreciate her freedom and independence, it's just that she thinks some people kind of go overboard while celebrating.

"It went on until after 1:30 this morning," she complained, also mentioning it prevented her from falling asleep.

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Feeling like a late night prisoner of pyrotechnics was enough, when June and her husband Jerry woke up on July 5, they saw the streets and sidewalks in front of their home strewn with debris from the July 4 celebration the night before.

"We walked outside and it was absolutely disgusting," June stated. "Nobody bothered to sweep anything up. It was all over. You could still smell it."

Cluttering the landscape and blowing through the streets were fireworks residue, bottle rocket debris, and burnt sparkler handles.

"People just don't care," June decried.

In his younger days, Jerry, a U.S. Navy veteran, would proudly clean up the neighborhood, but his age and illness prevent that now.

"This is not my city," Jerry began. "This is your city and if you want to make it look like a dump, then you have to live in that dump."

"He served our country and this is the kind of respect that you get in your own neighborhood," June pointed out with a chagrined stare. "I don't understand it."

Aaron Cook, who lives a few doors away on 4th Street, says the litter doesn't bother him.

"I could care less," Cook stated.

Less than half an hour after NewsChannel 13 notified the mayor's office, a street sweeper was dispatched to the area. Problem solved.

However, even though the street had been cleaned up, the Favatas believe attitudes need to be cleaned up as well.


Dan Levy

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