Saratoga County residents warned of people stealing from cars

September 19, 2019 11:08 PM

The Saratoga County Sheriff's Department is warning people to be aware of a string of thefts from vehicles.

Authorities say a group of people often referred to as the "Felony Lane Gang" has been targeting parked cars and stealing wallets and purses. It's a group NewsChannel 13 has covered before.


The group often takes items from unlocked vehicles, but will also break car windows to gain entry. That’s what happened to Brittany Shovah, who lives in Clifton Park, when she was dropping off her older son at daycare this past Tuesday.

“I do it every day I leave my purse right in the car because I don't want to carry that in as well, left it locked my car like I always do,” said Shovah.

She said this time when she went back to her car, she put her younger son in his car seat and then noticed something odd.

“Circled around, saw a ton of glass all over the spot and my first thought was oh I didn't even see that when I pulled in I hope I don't pop a tire or something,” explained Shovah. “Then I looked up and noticed my window was gone.”

Someone had smashed in her driver’s window when she was inside for less than two minutes. The people grabbed her purse, which had checks, credit cards and her driver’s license inside.

The sheriff’s office said the group will then use disguises to look like the victim and use the victim's driver's license to cash checks at banks. They often do it in the drive-thru lane at the bank, thus the name.

Authorities also said the group targets daycare centers, parks and gyms.

“It kind of makes me sick to my stomach to know that just me being a mom going about my daily business with my kids makes me an easy target,” said Shovah. “It's terrifying.”

The Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office is urging residents to not leave purses, wallets or other valuables in their car even if they’re just running out of their car for a few seconds. That’s also the message Shovah wanted to get out to people.

“No matter how quick you're being they're watching you as soon as you pull into the parking lot.” Said Shovah. “They see you, you're immediately bait and they watch your every move so you're essentially being stalked."

The sheriff’s office said area law enforcement agencies are actively working together to apprehend these perpetrators.


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