VP at The Bryce Companies responds to Uncle Sam Parking Garage condition assessment report

Jill Konopka
Updated: February 06, 2020 07:55 PM
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TROY - "We stand by the report. It does say the garage is safe. We certainly wouldn't let people park there if it wasn't safe," Denton Bryce, Vice President Project Management with The Bryce Companies told NewsChannel 13. 


Bryce tells 13 Investigates they back a new condition assessment report done by Structure Care in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on their parking facility, known as the Uncle Sam Parking Garage in downtown Troy. The structure is more than 40 years old.  The nearly 90-page report was completed in November of 2019.

Weeks later in mid-December, a secondary support beam, not identified as a potential problem in the new report, came crashing down during the Winter Farmer's Market where many people park at Uncle Sam for free on Saturday's before heading over to the Atrium.

"In general, the parking garage was found to be in marginally fair condition, with signs of service life failures, progressive deterioration and wear. The garage structure has reached the end of its service life. Interim repairs and targeted maintenance can provide for additional functional use over the next five to 10 years. However, the costs associated with these interim repairs and maintenance will be significant.  The most advanced conditions were observed on the lower levels; however, localized conditions were observed throughout the garage. The primary conditions, which include both functional and structural items, as well as localized hazards, are the result of advanced service life failures, winter snow removal activities, deferred maintenance and exposure," according to part of the assessment's executive summary.

Denton Bryce told 13 Investigates they've spent a lot of money hiring Structure Care to implement many of the immediate repairs their report calls for.

"They've installed a lot of ally columns on similar beams and that makes it pretty much impossible for anything to fall or any of the similar beams to fall - and we're getting ready to install angles on more beams, scraping off any concrete from the ceilings. 

Everything is really temporary, the lally columns or supports under the beams - one end is in the ground, one end is on the bottom of the beam, to prevent that from falling, not that there's much of a risk from falling, trying to be as cautious as we can. The angles are metal supports that are screwed in the ceiling, I guess you could say and the beam itself just as an extra support." 

Reporter Jill Konopka asked Bryce if the public should be concerned they could lose their life parking there. Bryce responded, "absolutely not."  

Bryce wants the public to know, "We went through and got all this work done. If they are not (Structure Care) done now, they should be done very soon - and once everything is done there's very, very little risk of anything happening."

Bryce would not elaborate much on the future plans of the Uncle Sam Parking Garage.

"For the last few years, we've been working on plans to redevelop the garage and the atrium, and frankly it's very exciting. We'll be putting out an announcement very shortly that details everything and it's going to be really exciting.

Jill Konopka asked, "Can you get into more specifics?" Bryce responded, "I would love to. I don't know if I'm supposed to."

When asked if the garage was coming down, Bryce responded, "I don't know if I should answer that."

"We have some pretty exciting plans for the garage and for the atrium and I'm not sure too much how much I can get into it. But it's going to be a big change and it's going to be very exciting."
People will be able to park there for the foreseeable future.

"The structure care people are finishing their work and by the time they're finished, everything should be set to go. I think 80-percent of the garage is open now, and available for parking," Bryce added.

John Salka, Deputy Director of Public Relations for the city of Troy, released the following statement:

"Regarding your inquiry: the city is aware the Uncle Sam Parking Garage is nearing end of its useful life. While owner Bryce Companies works to address safety concerns identified in the condition assessment report and develop a strategy to replace the facility, the City will continue to monitor progress to ensure the safety of tenants, customers, and businesses who use the garage."

CDTA Director of Corporate Communications Jaime Watson said in a statement:

"With the recent determination in the eminent domain case, we continue to move forward with our plans to build a transit center in downtown Troy. We are taking a look at our original plan, and making any necessary tweaks before we go out to bid with the project. It's important that we continue to build on the momentum and redevelopment activity that has occurred in the downtown area and do our part to move people in and around Troy."

MORE INFORMATION: Uncle Sam Parking Garage Condition Assessment Report | WEB EXTRA: Full interview with Denton Bryce

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