Waterford woman loses wedding band ahead of 70th wedding anniversary

May 28, 2019 11:11 PM

A couple in Waterford celebrated 70 years of marriage Tuesday. However, the celebration comes just days after Joan Fontaine lost her wedding band.

Joan and George Fontaine were married in Troy on May 28, 1949 at St. Mary’s Church. They have six children and many grandchildren and great grandchildren.


“It just kind of crept up on us,” said Joan. “It really, really did.”

George is from Cohoes and Joan is from Troy. George is a World War II veteran and the two met after he returned home from serving. They were working at Cluett Peabody. Since the day of her wedding, Joan said she has never taken off her band. However, she said last Friday while shopping at the Price Chopper in North Troy she noticed it wasn’t on her finger.

“My heart dropped right down to my shoes and I started crying,” said Joan.

She said it was cold and her ring must have slipped off while either at the grocery store or while heading there. She said she has turned her house upside down looking for the ring, but no luck.

“What a weekend to have to lose it,” said Joan. “You know for the first time to take it off my finger.”

Joan said after she noticed her ring was missing, George fell in the Price Chopper, which eventually led to more eyes looking for the ring.

“I had to call the rescue squad to get him up,” said Joan. “After they took care of him they went over to Price Chopper and they called up and said we're over here looking for your ring. I thought that was amazing to have them do that, but they didn't find it.”

The ring is a thin gold band with “GJF to JTP May 28, 1949” engraved on it. Joan said while she may never get the ring back, she hopes by sharing the couple’s story someone may take a little more notice and find it.

“It would really, really make my life,” said Joan. “Not just my day or my week, my life to get that back.”

Joan has been wearing George’s band until she hopefully finds hers.


Emily De Vito

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