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Why March Is So Windy

Reid Kisselback
Updated: March 28, 2021 09:09 PM
Created: March 28, 2021 08:48 PM


Why March Is So Windy | Why March Is So Windy |

When you hear the expression “In like a lion, out like a lamb” you think of the month of March and many storms. The most noticeable and consistent weather factor for the month of March though is the strong winds we experience. So why is March so windy?

The answer lies in the fact that March is a month of seasonal transition. The northeast is moving out of the cold days of winter into the longer and warmer days of spring. Cold air is still situated to our north, while warm air is trying to approach from the south. Some days one airmass wins over the other (see the calendar below) and as a result, the temperatures are more extreme over a relatively short period of time.


March High Temperatures | March High Temperatures |

How this relates to winds… The difference in airmass temperatures (between warm and cold air) create differing pressures, which in turn creates wind. The greater the difference in the high and low pressure systems, the stronger the force of the winds. Another factor that will help determine the speed of the wind is the distance between an area of high pressure and an area of low pressure. During the month of March, low and high pressure systems are closer together and winds are stronger as a result.

You can see this on a weather surface map. Isobars are lines of constant or equal pressure on a weather map.  If you look at a weather map with isobars on them (the yellow lines) and see they are very close together, that is an area you can expect to see relatively strong winds. If there is a lot of space between these lines, the winds are relatively light.


Weather Surface Map | Weather Surface Map |

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