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In this new digital series, we take a look back at some of the most significant news stories in Capital Region history.

Feb. 22, 1980: The Miracle on Ice

Do you believe in miracles? As the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team prepares to be inducted into the inaugural class of the New York State Hockey Hall of Fame, Rachel Tiede opens News Vault 13 to look at how we covered the Miracle on Ice in Lake Placid.

Bethlehem Landslide: May 18, 2000

A landslide in Bethlehem on May 18, 2000 sent dirt falling into the Normans Kill – and destroying the California Produce business in the process. Rachel Tiede opens News Vault 13 to see how we covered the story.

Dannemora Prison Escape: June 2015

The capture of an escaped inmate from Alabama is reminding many of a similar case in upstate New York. Rachel Tiede opens News Vault 13 to see how we covered the Dannemora prison escape.

Earthquake! April 20, 2002

Capital Region residents felt the earth shake on April 20, 2002. The epicenter was 15 miles outside Plattsburgh, New York.

Thruway Bridge Collapse: April 5, 1987

It was on April 5, 1987, when the bridge carrying the Thruway over the Schoharie Creek collapsed. Five vehicles fell into the water and 10 people were killed.