How does the impeachment process work in New York? |

How does the impeachment process work in New York?

WNYT Staff
Created: February 19, 2021 04:44 PM

State Assembly Republicans have moved to form an impeachment commission tied to Gov. Cuomo's handling of the coronavirus crisis in nursing homes.

The state impeachment process is similar to impeaching a president. It starts with the introduction of articles of impeachment, which must be voted on by the state Assembly.

If approved in the Assembly, then an impeachment trial would begin in the state Senate. The lieutenant governor, members of the Senate and judges from the Court of Appeals preside.

A conviction requires two-thirds of the state Senate to vote for impeachment, similar to the U.S. Senate.

If a governor is impeached, convicted, and removed, the lieutenant governor takes over the governor's duties for the remainder of the term.

Only one governor has been impeached. William Sulzer was removed in 1913 for embezzling campaign funds for his personal use.
Eliot spitzer came close to being impeached, but he resigned during his prostitution scandal as state lawmakers started drafting articles of impeachment.

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