Gov. Cuomo reiterates goal for NY to be 'progressive capital of the nation'

June 13, 2019 07:29 PM

ALBANY - The end of the legislative session is fast approaching.

Whatever is or isn't accomplished at the Capitol over the final few days of this Legislative session might go a long way toward determining if New York state really is the progressive capital of the nation.


The loud rallies and determined demonstrators at the end of the legislative session is a reminder there's a lot at stake for a lot of New Yorkers, including the state's chief executive.

Ever since the state Legislature turned blue earlier this year, the governor has made it clear he believes New York needs to be the progressive capital of the nation.

If the governor is leading the progressive charge, Republicans like Assemblyman Dan Stec of Queensbury are part of the resistance.

"I think a lot of people would say for better or worse, we're already pretty progressive," said Stec. "I think the budget clearly reflected progressive leanings, and a progressive agenda, and a New York City agenda."

"In this environment, not everyone gets what they want, including me. Whether you call that progressive or not, I'd like to think that we are. That doesn't mean that everything gets across the finish line," said Democratic Assemblywoman Pat Fahy of Albany.

Democratic Assemblyman John McDonald of Cohoes says labels aren't what's important.

"When we make our mark on this earth, people aren't going to say, 'Oh, he was the most progressive person in the world.' That's not going to mean much."

Lawmakers return to the Capitol on Friday morning. The final day of legislation is next Wednesday.

However, if Democrats fail to pass legislation, Cuomo has a prophecy.

"I believe they should all be primaried," said Cuomo.

Lawmakers return to the Capitol on Friday morning. The last day of the Legislative session is next Wednesday.


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