NewsChannel 13-SurveyUSA Poll: What does it mean for Cuomo?

Emily Burkhard
Updated: March 09, 2021 10:40 AM
Created: March 08, 2021 11:43 PM

We're continuing to review the results of our exclusive NewsChannel 13-SurveyUSA poll.

We asked New Yorkers for their take on the sexual harassment accusations and Gov. Andrew Cuomo's handling of the pandemic in nursing homes.

We spoke with two experts to break down what the findings mean for him.

The first question asked New Yorkers if they think the governor is doing his job well. Statewide, 52% say they strongly approve or approve of Cuomo, but here in the Capital Region his approval is at 17%, with 65% saying they strongly disapprove of his performance.

"That's astoundingly bad, again [Capital Region] is a small sample, but that's one of the lowest approval numbers we've ever seen,” said Ken Alper, president of SurveyUSA.

Next we asked if New Yorkers believed the governor tried to conceal the truth about nursing home death numbers. Statewide, 26% believe the governor attempted to cloud the truth, 40% believe the governor attempted to cover up the truth.

In the Capital Region, 44% think the governor attempted to cover up the truth about nursing home deaths and 39% believe he did nothing wrong.

New Yorkers were also asked, when it comes to interactions with women, did the governor do anything wrong? Thirty-one percent of New Yorkers think he did things that are inappropriate but not illegal, while 29% think he broke the law.

In the Capital Region, 38% of people said he did nothing wrong, compared to 17% statewide

So what could these numbers mean for the governor in a primary year?

"As you know, we have a Justice Department investigation, the Legislature's investigating, so you have all these kind of threads going on right now which is going to be difficult for the governor to pivot from, which is what he wants to do,” said Skidmore Professor Ron Seyb. “So the longer that these issues are in the news, you can anticipate that the more support is going to erode.”

You can see the entire NewsChannel 13-SurveyUSA poll, including people's thoughts on re-opening Capital Region schools, here.

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