Saratoga Springs couple schedules vaccine appointment that includes travel itinerary

Dan Levy
Updated: January 26, 2021 11:06 AM
Created: January 25, 2021 11:32 PM

SARATOGA SPRINGS - When 77-year-old Roger Feuerstein went online Monday morning hoping to set up COVID-19 vaccine appointments for himself and his wife Elizabeth, he had a certain strategy in mind.

"It would be nice if we could have two doses here in the Albany area within the next couple of weeks or so," he said. "The only sites that I tried for were in the area of Albany. I kept trying (for the) SUNY campus in Albany, and I couldn't get any dates."

He couldn't get any dates because Albany, at least right now, doesn't have enough dosages, although Feuerstein's persistence did eventually pay off.

"It was the 25th, March 25th," Feuerstein declared.

Not only did he realize he'd have to wait another two months before he and his wife would be able to get shots in their arms, they also now know they'll have to drive more than two hours from home to Plattsburgh  for their 5 p.m. appointment, which creates a further dilemma.

"As long as I stay overnight, because what if I had a reaction?" Elizabeth Feuerstein asked rhetorically. "I don't want to drive right away, and he can't drive, so I'm the only driver, and driving at night is not good for seniors."

In other words, the Feuerstein's are now forced to make hotel reservations, not just once, but also for the return trip in Plattsburgh.

"When you receive your first dose, you sign up immediately for your second dose," Roger points out.

Once they receive that second dose, the Feuerstein's say they'll feel more comfortable, finally being able to visit their children and grandchildren who are scattered across the country from New York City to Hawaii. 

"It's not an easy thing to be within the four walls almost all the time and not get out much," Roger asserted.

"It will give you a better feeling knowing that you've had it, but I don't think our lives will change, not for a while, not until we get to the point of herd immunity," Elizabeth added.

Currently, 7 million New Yorkers are eligible to get their COVID-19 vaccination. At the current rate of 250,000 dosages per week coming into the state, that will take about 17 weeks for all 7 million to get vaccinated.

New York's total population is 19 million.

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