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FBI: Niskayuna grad part of U.S. Capitol rioting

Dan Levy
Updated: January 18, 2021 03:22 AM
Created: January 17, 2021 11:35 PM

NISKAYUNA - If you were to look at Brandon Fellow's senior picture from the 2012 Niskayuna High School yearbook and compare it to a picture posted on social media of a person sitting on a police motorcycle, wearing a fake orange beard and dark sunglasses, in front of the U.S. Capitol, you wouldn't recognize them as being the same person.

The FBI says they are.

After receiving multiple tips and open-source information posted on Facebook and Instagram, federal officials say Fellows, 26, was among the crowd of rioters involved in the infamous insurrection on January 6th.

Charges allege Fellows was inside "a restricted building or grounds" and was part of the "violent entry or disorderly conduct" that took place on Capitol Hill.

A video posted to CNN's website shows an interview during which that man with the orange beard stated, "Yeah, we went in there and then I walked in and there's just a whole bunch of people lighting up in some Oregon room... they were smoking a bunch of weed in there...cops are very cool, and you can see that some of them were on our side."

According to the indictment, video posted on Twitter showed a person who appeared to be Fellows, sitting at a table inside the Capitol, with his feet propped up on a table...the chairs, table, drapes, and wall art appeared to be consistent with those in the office of Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley.

On January, 12th, the FBI says a witness provided screenshots from Fellows' Facebook account which included the words, "We took the Capitol and it was glorious."

Also part of the evidence against Fellows, a social media post he allegedly wrote that reads: "Oh, I saw the fear (in the faces of Capitol Police officers) and they know many of us had guns at our hotel rooms and vehicles... we just aren't pissed enough to kill the police or military. But we will fight them and make them retreat. Maybe things will get worse. All I do know is the more we are forced and silenced into things that we don't agree with the worse it will be."

The indictment also includes excerpts from a Bloomberg News article published January 12th with the headline: No Regrets: a Capitol Rioter Tells his Story From Inside. The story identified the rioter as Brandon Fellows, a 26-year old from upstate New York. In the article, Fellows' isquoted as saying, "I have no regrets. I didn't hurt anyone."

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