Domino artist takes classic effect and adds STEM twist

October 12, 2018 06:48 PM

Start-up businesses in the Capital Region have grown over the years. Now they are the fourth largest employment sector in our area. Business experts call it "the creative economy." Its base is largely made up of freelancers who use science, technology, engineering and math to make their business viable.

Lilly Hevesh is a domino artist -- though for this particular job, her client might call her a "domino design engineer." She is putting together a logo design for a Capital Region video company. She calculates how many dominoes she needs and then goes about the meticulous work of setting them up to fall in a certain way to outline the company's logo.


She's been doing this kind of work since she was 9 years old.

"I got some dominoes and I tried some of the tricks that I saw online and I've been building ever since then and posting videos on YouTube and now I'm actually doing Domino Art full time. My YouTube channel has over two million subscribers on Hevesh5, and I travel around the world doing projects like this," explained Hevesh.

While setting up 3,000 dominoes takes time, it also takes time and expertise to set up the cameras and the microphones to record the dominoes toppling.

Even the color of the dominoes is part of the technology needed to make this shoot a success. The sides are painted Chroma key green -- much like our weather wall at NewsChannel 13 used by our meteorologists.

"We decided to go with this Chroma green on the sides, black on top so that you can Chroma key it from the top when it falls down, you can change whatever is in the logo to whatever you want. So we can use it to transition into multi different types of media. Whatever we wanted. So we thought it was a pretty cool idea," pointed out Hevesh.

A cool idea that took four hours to build -- and just four seconds to complete, with a lot of technological know-how to make it all come together.

MORE INFORMATION: Hevesh5 on YouTube


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