Students help release trout into Geyser Creek

May 12, 2018 04:23 PM

Third grader Abby Tellstone ventured out into the rushing waters all in the name of education.

"My feet were cold because the person before me who used the big pants fell in the water so they were full of water. But it was fun,” she said.


Fun and informative. Abby and her classmates took turns releasing trout into Geyser Creek at Saratoga Spa State Park. In all, 32 little fish are now swimming freely thanks to a STEM project at St. Clement's School.

“I think it went pretty good. All the kids had a chance to release a fish. All the kids had a chance to wade in the water,” said teacher Sherry Knotek.

Knotek says the students raised the fish and watched them grow from eggs in equipment that was donated to the school.

“The kids saw them turn from the eggs to the alevin and then when their yolk sack is done, when they're done feeding off of that, they have their fins and they swim out,” Knotek said.

It was the third grade class that actually got to release the fish into the water but it was really an entire school project. Knotek says projects involving the fish and their care varied by grade. The third graders also learned about the waters they now call home and the creatures that are now their neighbors.

At day's end, some happy little fish, a few wet kids, and a successful project that has everyone smiling.


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