ADA: ‘Relieved’ to get guilty verdict in complicated case

Assistant District Attorney Jessica Blain-Lewis said prosecutors were relieved to get the guilty verdict in the trial of Jacob Klein.

“This was a long time coming. It is nice to know that the verdict was rendered today and we can bring some comfort to the family who suffered this incredibly terrible tragedy,” she said.

“There is a bit of closure, but it will never go away. They’ve lost a son,” she added.

Blain-Lewis said she has never seen the level of planning that Klein want through to kill Philip Rabadi. That required investigators to be more thorough as well.

She said it was very time-consuming to build this case, which relied on a lot of circumstantial evidence such as video that tracked Jacob Klein through a variety of places at a variety of times over multiple days.

“It’s a very lengthy process to go through all of the video. We have incredible investigators that worked on this case making sure that every video was sorted through and determined whether or not there was any relevant information on it,” she said.

Blain-Lewis said she and co-counsel ADA Cheryl Fowler had to be mindful of the fact that Klein was new to the legal process.

“We treat them just as we would any attorney who would be handling the mater as well and present the evidence in the same manner,” Blain-Lewis said.  

She anticipates an appeal being filed.