Businesses prepare for closing day at Saratoga Race Track

After a long summer to horse racing, beautiful hats, and memories made – closing day at the Saratoga Horse Track is two days away.

With their feet to the pavement spectators and shoppers are making their way down Broadway in Saratoga Springs.

Business owners said they expect people from all over to spend their cash and enjoy closing day at the horse track.

With the uptick in foot traffic, businesses are prepared for another unforgettable weekend to cap a great racing season.

Impressions founder and co-owner Marianne Barker says she’s anticipating a busy weekend.

“Traditionally for us this week is really big for people that work at the track that know they are heading home because they are trying to do everything before they head home for summer,” Barker explained.

She says she has special promotions plan to keep up with customer needs

We are making sure everything is out. If its not out we cant sell it. We are doing a sidewalk sale this weekend. So maybe things we have one of or something we cant get again we are putting outside to move it out before fall. Plus we want to give people more bang for their buck,” Barker said.

Now, there will be other festivities taking place in Saratoga like the Pumpkin Fest and other conventions.