Capital Region police agencies are recruiting new officers

It’s no secret that police agencies across the country are having a hard time attracting new officers.
Capital Region agencies were at Crossgates Mall Saturday recruiting.

Nearly 14 agencies were present Saturday. The different departments wanted to let people know about the different opportunities out there. One of those agencies present was New York State Police. To become a trooper, you have to take the New York State Police entrance exam.

Depending on how you do on the test, you are then invited to a processing weekend. This is where you will take a physical fitness test. Then, you have to undergo a background check. Once you pass the background check, you will then be invited to a six month police academy in Albany.

All of the at the mall will be offering the civil service exams.

Lt. Michael Mabee from New York State University Police says people have the opportunity cross file with all of the civil service exams. This gives people multiple opportunities to become a law enforcement officer. The deadline to sign up is August 3.

If you are interested in joining NYSP, you can go to:

For more information on the civil service exam, go to: