Community leaders reaction to Albany gun violence

Frustration is growing in the city of Albany after another deadly weekend. Recently, a member of the Common Council called for the Police Chief to resign, but a woman who grew up in Albany says it’s time to stop pointing fingers and take action.

In 2020, Community leader April Prucell-Bacon launched a program called Time to Talk Cops and Community Collaborating. “When there was an uptick in crime and people were concerned it was the best platform and a very easy platform to get all stakeholders brought together,” she said.

With last weekend’s homicides, April says it’s important for those conversations to continue. “We all have an idea of how it should be addressed, but we’re not getting it addressed because we all have different ideas, so coming to the table coming up with solid ideas as a community then it’s easier to present to council and the police department and say this is going to work for our community.”

Sunday evening around 7:30 a man was shot and killed on Central Avenue and Robin Street in Albany. The 24 year old victim died at the hospital. Friday, police found the body of an 18 year old with multiple gunshot wounds in the torso laying in the road in Albany’s Pine Hills neighborhood. Police don’t believe the two shootings were connected but arrests were made in both homicides.

April tells me unfortunately these killings are becoming too common. I’m so used to homicides in the city of Albany, she said. What I would say is I’m tired of us not looking at the criminals who are doing it. We’re looking at everybody else, we’re making it about the police not doing their job, they’re not prevention and if we want them to be prevention we’re ok with them being stop and frisk, we’re ok with proactive policing, but then that can’t change next week.”

April challenges people who live in the neighborhoods, those who are impacted the most, to be proactive, learn the laws and get to know your neighbors. For more information on her program Time to Talk Cops and Community Collaborating email