Connecticut community mourns the loss of two police officers, authorities say they were lured to the scene

A community is grieving after two police officers were shot and killed this week in Connecticut.

The two Bristol officers were killed while responding to a domestic violence call around 10:30 Wednesday night.

On Friday, the chief office of the medical examiner determined they were both shot multiple times and named the cause of death as homicide.

Bristol is a tight-knit community, and people who live there say many of them knew the fallen officers since they were teenagers.

They say it makes the immense loss hit so much harder.

And overnight, a candlelight vigil to honor those officers.

The community wanted to pay their respects to 34-year-old Alex Hamzy and Sergeant Dustin Demonte.

A third officer was also injured in the shooting.

The Bristol police union has established a Bristol Police Heroes Fund through the Thomason Savings Bank to support their families.

We’re now learning more about the incident.

Police now believe the emergency call they were responding to was meant to lure officers and kill them.

The officers responded to a domestic dispute between two siblings, that’s when the gunfire started.

Police believe the suspect, 35-year-old Nicholas Butcher and his brother Nathan, deliberately lured the officers to the scene.

Nicholas Butcher was killed at the scene and Nathan was injured.