Convicted sex offender arrested for assaulting houseguest

We continue to learn more about a scary situation in North Greenbush that happened last Friday.

North Greenbush Police arrested a convicted sex offender on new charges after he allegedly beat a man while he was sleeping in his home.

North Greenbush police arrested 59-year-old Edward Schryver.
Police responded to calls of a man walking along North Greenbush Road covered in blood.
The victim told officers he had been beaten several times on the head with an object while sleeping in Schryver’s home.
The victim said he was sleeping at Schryver’s home after meeting him the night before.

Police searched the home and found a wooden bowl was used as the weapon to hit the victim.
Police eventually found Schryver on New Scotland Avenue.
He is charged with second degree assault.
Edward Schryver is listed as a sex offender because of an attempted kidnapping of a 12 year old boy in May of 2010.