Devastating fire won’t stop Hoosick Falls Country Club’s New Year’s celebration

Every year, the Hoosick Falls Country Club has a New Year’s Eve celebration. While the club burned down last week, that celebration will still take place.

Where the country club stood is now a pile of debris and ashes.

Hoosac School Headmaster Dean Foster received several text messages after the country club burned down. He went over there to see the devastation himself.

He spoke with people from the country club. They decided it was important to have their annual New Year’s Eve celebration. Foster gave the club permission to use his school’s dining hall for the event.

“Hoosac School is a boarding school of 220 students. They all live here, so we have to feed them. So everyday we are doing at least 250 at breakfast, lunch and dinner, so our kitchen is more than able to accommodate a one night dinner,” said Foster.

The New Year’s Eve celebration will kick off Saturday at 5 p.m.