Dozens of displaced residents from Parkview Apartments still can’t return

For nearly a week, more than 50 people who live at Parkview Apartments in Albany have been displaced because of a power outage. Many don’t know when they will be able to return.

Last Sunday, dozens of people who live at the apartment complex had to be evacuated. Many are disabled or elderly.

Albany city officials tell News Channel 13 water got into the main electric, which short circuited the main power for six floors.

It’s been nearly a week and work is still taking place to restore the power.

Faruk Heto is the property manager at CRM Rental Management. That’s the company that manages Parkview Apartments. He told News Channel 13 they are currently waiting for electrical tap boxes to be built and shipped. He says they should arrive on Feb.16 or Feb.17.

This will ultimately help restore the power. He says they secured hotels for the tenets until February 22. He says those who were displaced will not be back in their apartments this week. It most likely will be next week.

However, some people want to get back in their apartments as soon as possible.

Diane Deitz is disabled. She says it’s been tough not being home. She is thankful for the staff at the Comfort Inn. But for her, she would like to return to her apartment.

She says the insulin in her apartment is no longer good. She says it’s been an inconvenience not being in her apartment.

Heto says once the electricians get the necessary parts they will work to restore the power.

Heto says people staying in hotels were given more pre paid visa gift cards, so they can purchase food.

However, one tenant claims her card wasn’t working.