Drag Queen Story Hour in Lake Luzerne no longer happening

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The controversial Drag Queen Story Hour previously scheduled in April at Rockwell Fall Library in Lake Luzerne was put on hold after public outrage in the community.

A meeting was held Thursday night to allow members of Rockwell Fall’s Library Board to decide if and when they’ll host the Drag Queen Story Hour.

The library space was jam packed with a lot of passionate community members with one thing on their mind — will Drag Queen Story Hour be rescheduled?

As the board tried to maintain control of the crowd, that didn’t stop people from vocalizing their objections to Drag Queen Story Hour, and applauding those they agreed with.

The story hour was originally scheduled for April 15, but it was postponed.

A month later, the board decided not to reschedule, saying they were blindsided and didn’t know much about the performer. The board also stated the performer, Jacob Evans, who takes the stage moniker “Scarlett Sagamore,” moved out of the state and is not interested in rescheduling.

When we spoke to Evans last month, he told us he was saddened by the board’s decision to postpone, and claims they knew about his performance four months prior.

Lake Luzerne resident Jade Edy said she’s not surprised.

“I knew they were going to cave under pressure due to the harassment they’ve been enduring,” she said.

Edy said there is a large LGBTQ presence in Lake Luzerne, but this decision proves they’re not truly welcomed in public spaces.

“People need to understand that they might have a gay child or LGBTQ child at home, and if they don’t feel safe to come out to their parents, they’re putting them in dangerous positions,” she said.

Going forward the board says they want to be more informed about the programs coming to the library and even discussed performing background checks on those interacting with children.