Ellis Medicine is planning to hold a back to school vaccination clinic

With kids going back to school, physicians say it’s important they are up to date on their immunizations. One clinic in Schenectady is helping to make that happen.

Ellis Medicine and Ellis Family Health Center are hosting their annual back to school vaccination clinic.
It will be taking place Sept. 19 to 22 at the McClellan Street Health Center. No appointments are needed. Kids will be vaccinated on a first come, first served basis.

In New York, parents must show proof of their child’s vaccination record within the first 14 days of the school year.

The goal of the clinic is to make sure students who may be missing some vaccines, can get the shots they need to be up to date.

The clinic is open to any student who goes to a Schenectady City School.

If you’re planning to bring your children to the clinic, you need to bring a printed copy of their record or any necessary documents provided by your children’s school.